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Collaboration and Dialogue

An openness to collaborate stimulates dialogue, creates relevant crossovers and allows people to do extraordinary things. Harnessing the potential of such collaborative working methods, there are great opportunities for innovative outcomes of this research and exhibition project, to publicly demonstrate the benefits of collaborative work, and to raise the benchmark for improving the quality of design in our built environments.

Objects in urban space, like sculpture, fountains and monuments have always played a significant role in the urban fabric, as visual focal points, landmarks and nodes of urban life. For a long time, there has been an ambivalent relationship between architects and artists.

However, the different disciplines have a great ability to share their working asprinciples, and debate ideas about the public realm and contemporary city culture. It is time to contest, dissolve and reformulate the disciplinary boundaries.

Seven collaborative teams were pre-selected to take part in the exhibition including Peter Tonkin, Ian Moore, Adrian McGregor, Stephen Cameron, Michael Zavros, Richard Goodwin and others.

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