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Back to the City Project Installations announced

1. wasted!

Cida de Aragon, Ian Moore and Richard Vella (read more...)

2. The Living Room

Victoria Lobregat and Josephine Vaughan (read more...)

3. Tractor Is Land

John Turier and John Roberts (read more...)

4. Surrogate Trojan

Richard Goodwin, Adrian McGregor and Russell Lowe (read more...)

5. Preserved fish

Tricia Flanagan, Geoff Whitnall and Ayumi Matsuzaka (read more...)

6. Breake Block

Kylie Burgess, Renee Mayo, Vivian Chan and Helen Holdgate
(read more...)

7. Carbon footprint: In the end the rain comes down

Stephen Cameron and Michael Zavros (read more...)

8. LIGHThouse

Izabela Pluta, Brian Suters, Paulo Macchia and Philip Pollard
(read more...)

9. Harbour Lights

Peter Tonkin and Robert Owen (read more...)

10. Local Produce

Richard Tipping and Michael Chapman (read more...)

11. Surveillance

Cida de Aragon and Ian Moore (read more...)

12. Look-out

Rebecca De Haas, Timothy Griffith, Catherine Parkinson, Alan Prowd and Dot Thompson (read more...)

13. Breath of Life

Sylvia Azzi, Gionni Di Gravio, Caroline Hale, Ann Hardy, Varelle Hardy, Jason Harvey and Elizabeth Milgate (read more...)

14. Finally Focussed: The Delorian

Adam Bennet, Rikki Croft, Kieran Lantry and Laura Moses
(read more...)

15. Nesting

Shaun King, Grit Kaeding, Megan Lewis and Theresa Schubert (read more...)

16. Second Nature

Nicola Xavier and Adrian Hill (read more...)

17. Train of Thought

Jason Elsley and Mark Bligh (read more...)

18. Cashpoint

Wolfgang Weileder and Michael Tawa (read more...)

Photos by A. Chawmer, S. Lehmann and L. O'Brien

Back to the City is an initiative of s_Lab space Laboratory for Architectual Research & Design and is funded by The Newcastle Alliance, Honeysuckle Development Corporation & Arts NSW